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Why Surplus By Design?

There are a few key pillars of success that have become the foundation of what we are as a business, and what our satisfied customers have come to expect from us. These are Great Prices, Great Products, and Great Service, which means our customers get Great Value!

Great Prices

We know that you have come to our site looking for a deal, and that is exactly what we want to give you! 

All our items are priced to be very attractive to our buyers. We have seasonal deals as well, from our Black Friday specials and others throughout the year. Lots of opportunities to grab something great at an unbelievable price.

Great Products

SurplusByDesign is a team of dedicated individuals that want to give you the best products that we have to offer. We pre-test all the items that we sell, right here in-house. Our A+ certified technicians replace parts, test hardware, and restore units to their original out-of-box state. The physical condition of units may vary, but we always aim to have each unit perform at full capacity! Plus give an honest account of the condition of the unit.

Great Service

At SurplusByDesign we are committed to providing a positive experience from start to finish.

We start with a wide variety of items, so that you get to choose exactly what will suit your needs. Then, if you have any questions or concerns about the item that you have chosen, we will respond same day where we can, or next day at the latest.

We have a generous return policy so you should always feel confident in your purchase from us. However, for some items we may need to inspect them before a refund can be issued. These inspections can take up to three days after receiving the item back.

Great Value

When you combine Great Prices, Great Products, and Great Service, you are left with Great value! Make sure that you opt in for our marketing, this is the best way to know about upcoming deals or specials, so you don’t miss out.