ThrustMaster Scuderia Ferrari Race Kit

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Thrustmaster is celebrating 90 years of the Scuderia Ferrariwith a brand-new bundle officially licensed by Ferrari, featuring products from the world of Formula 1: A detachable replica of the Ferrari 150-degree Italia Formula 1 racecar's wheel + A gaming headset inspired by the real headsets used in the Scuderia Ferrari's paddocks.

  • Designed for a demanding community and perfectly adapted for all racing games
  • Effective stereo technology ensures excellent audio fidelity for the most lifelike reproduction of the sounds of car engines and other surrounding elements
  • 2"/50 mm analytic headphone speaker drivers for clear sound with no saturation
  • Design inspired by the real headsets used in the Scuderia Ferrari's paddocks
  • Memory foam cushions
  • Detachable and adjustable microphone
  • A wheel designed for Thrustmaster's single-seater racing fans looking for realistic sensations
  • Intuitive ergonomics allowing for highly-precise gameplay - access to buttons is easy and optimized
  • The wheel’s textured rubber grip allows for realistic, comfortable handling
  • 2 different gaming modes: - Normal mode on PC and consoles - Advanced mode for expert users on PC
  • Professional-quality rotary knobs, switches and buttons

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