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Smoothtalker Stealth X-2 65 dB Cellular Signal Building Booster

Grade: A - Open Box

  • Product Details

    Boost cell phone signal, eliminate dropped calls, increase battery life, Increase data speeds, for voice and data services simultaneously. The booster increases incoming and outgoing signals. The LED console display signal level indicators make installation quick and easy. Features automatic oscillation control, network overload protection to maintain maximum gain automatically at all times. Recommended for areas with poor outside signal and poor indoor signal. Recommended for Rural and Remote areas.

    • Reduces Dropped Calls
    • Increases data transfer rates up to 10 times
    • Connects you in Rural areas
    • Easy Installation
    • Multiple Users/Phones
    • Parts Included: Booster Unit, Inside Antenna, Outside Antenna, Co-axial extension cable, AC power supply.
    • Made in North America
    • Coverage up to 9000 sq.ft.
    • Battery functionality cannot be guaranteed. We also cannot guarantee any warranty on all the items sold in our store.
  • Accessories Included:

    • Manual
    • OEM Box

    Accessories Only Guaranteed For Grade N and Grade A Products
  • Open Box - Grade A:
    Working product in great cosmetic condition with very little to no wear. Grade A product is fully tested to be in perfect working condition. This product will include open box and new units that had very minor to no previous use. There could be very minor imperfections which will not affect the overall performance of the item may be present.