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Smartmax Magnetic Discovery Basic 42 Toy

  • Product Details

    Smart Toys and Games Smartmax Magnetic discovery 42 piece basic toys help children in learning about magnetic phenomena, ways to strengthen structures and steps in building. Bar helps to improve creativity in children within age group of 1 - 12.

    • Age group and grade: Ages 1 - 12 and grades toddler - 7th
    • Material: Magnet
    • Includes 36 piece set
    • Attraction of magnets is simply irresistible for kids, the attraction and repulsion of magnets will amaze them on their exploring journey, older children will maximize their fun, building towers, bridges and other super sized constructions
    • Magnetic discovery concept that allows children, even from a very early age, to experience both the wonders of magnetism and the fascinating world of construction in a safe way
    • Extra large pieces make it easy for small children to manipulate them, magnets have the ideal strength for easy assembly and breakdown of constructions, named 2010 toy of the year when it was first introduced in the Netherlands
    • Outstanding, Colourfully illustrated guides in each set demonstrate the basics of magnetic phenomena, ways to strengthen structures, steps in building towers and bridges and much more
    • Most importantly, children thrive on the creative satisfaction of dreaming up their own wonderfully imaginative magnetic assemblies, for use with SmartMax building system
    • 42 pieces/Set
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