Minut MT-P2 Smart Home Alarm White


  • Product Details

    Protect your home, your neighbors' peace and quiet and your guests' privacy with Minut. The privacy-safe wireless home sensor monitors noise, motion, temperature and humidity levels in your home, in addition to having a built-in security alarm. Free use of app and dashboard (subscription) for 1 one home/property and 1 user. Paid subscription if you want to add home/property or a user(s). Products/services: Minut home sensor, Minut App, Minut dashboard.

    • Model: MT-P2-CAN
    • Type: Mobile Alarm System
    • Smart Home Alarm
    • Self-installation takes minutes
    • Sensor for: sound, temperature, motion/PIR, humidity, tamper, mold risk, smoke detector alarm
    • 100% Privacy-safe noise monitoring: Camera-free, No recordings, On device analysis/edge processing
    • Battery functionality cannot be guaranteed. We also cannot guarantee any warranty on all the items sold in our store.
  • Accessories Included:

    • OEM Box

    Accessories Only Guaranteed For Grade N and Grade A Products
  • New Sealed - Grade N:
    Working product in mint cosmetic condition, it includes all original accessories such as power supplies or power cords. This item is brand new in manufacturer’s packaging.

    Open Box - Grade A:
    Working product in great cosmetic condition with very little to no wear. Grade A product is fully tested to be in perfect working condition. This product will include open box and new units that had very minor to no previous use. There could be very minor imperfections which will not affect the overall performance of the item may be present.

    Open Box - Grade B:
    Working product with light blemishes, scuffs or minor scratches may appear on the product exterior. Grade B product is fully tested to be in working condition that shows minor signs of previous use. These items can have blemishes or cosmetic marks not affecting their overall performance. This product could include returned items that show signs of use and can be in manufactures packaging or generic packaging. Items will usually be complete and with accessories although minor parts or accessories may not be present.

    Open Box - Grade C:
    Products are in working condition that show signs of use with the possibility of dings, dents, smudges, cracks or scratches on the product or another form of cosmetic imperfection. The cosmetic condition of the product may have noticeable wear and tear. This product may come in manufactures packaging or generic packaging. Accessories may or may not be present with product.