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Honeycomb PC Bravo HC003042 Throttle Quadrant

Grade: A - Open Box

  • Product Details

    The Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant is an all-in-one cockpit system featuring a configurable throttle setup, from single-engine general aviation to four-engine commercial aircraft.

    • It features multiple cockpit components including autopilot, annunciator panel, gear & flaps lever as well as a trim wheel
    • Multi Engine Handles with Functional Thrust Reverser's
    • Annunciator Panel with 14 Warning Lights, General Aviation Flap Lever, 7 two-way programmable switches, Auto Pilot with backlit buttons
    • Battery functionality cannot be guaranteed. We also cannot guarantee any warranty on all the items sold in our store.
  • Accessories Included:

    • OEM Box

    Accessories Only Guaranteed For Grade N and Grade A Products
  • New Sealed - Grade N:
    Working product in mint cosmetic condition, it includes all original accessories such as power supplies or power cords. This item is brand new in manufacturer’s packaging.