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Why Choose SurplusByDesign?

There are countless eBay sellers and Power Sellers out there; some are very good, and others are very bad. At SurplusByDesign, we want to be The Best!

There are a few key pillars of success that have become the foundation of what we are as a business, and what our satisfied customers have come to expect from us. These are Great Prices, Great Products, and Great Service, which all mean you get Great Value!

Great Prices

We know that you have come to eBay looking for a deal, and that is exactly what we want to give you! All of our auctions start at $0.99, and have no reserve price, so you have the opportunity to get a steal of a deal on hundreds of items every week!

We also have regular sales on our fixed price items, ranging from 5% to 30% off our already low prices! What's even more amazing, is that we have the Best Offer feature on most of our fixed price listings. If you don't think an item is worth the sticker price, make an offer and we will try to make a deal!

Finally, we recognize that as an eBay buyer, you want to know the real price - you don't want to be surprised by high shipping charges after you have won an item. To keep your cost low, we offer flat rate shipping on all of our units. Prices do not change based on location so you pay the same in PEI as you do in BC.

Effective October 1st, 2010 we are required to charge sales taxes on all domestic purchases. Taxation rates will be determined by the province of residency of the buyer and will be reflective of the current rates. Where required we will provide our GST number when requested.

Great Products

SurplusByDesign is a team of dedicated individuals that want to give you the best products that eBay has to offer. We test all of the items that we sell in-house. Our A+ certified technicians replace parts, test hardware, and restore units to their original out-of-box state. The physical condition of units may vary, but we always aim to have each unit perform at full capacity!

We provide after-sale support if buyers have any difficulty with units that have been purchased. Please note this support does not apply to units that are sold "AS-IS" and/or "For Parts"

Great Service

Anyone can sell products on eBay, but at SurplusByDesign we are committed to providing a positive experience from start to finish.

We start with a wide variety of items, so that you get to choose exactly what will suit your needs. Then, if you have any questions or concerns about the item that you have chosen, we often reply to your inquiries within minutes! The team provides knowledgeable support, which gives you the confidence you need to buy high-tech products on eBay.

We also offer Dead on Arrival (DOA) protection for our buyers. Given the nature of these high-tech items, it is possible that an item can be disrupted during shipping, and may not perform for you the same way that it did in testing. In this case, simply contact us within 14 days of receiving the item, and we will help you resolve the issue! We can often issue a return authorization the same day that you report the issue.

Great Value

When you combine Great Prices, Great Products, and Great Service, you are left with Great value! We will announce price changes and new units through our marketing channels. Keep a close on on these as this may be where the next great deal is revealed.